Our history

My name is Jibryne Karter representing Mid Maine Web, a subsidiary of Mid Maine Electronics. We are a web design company located in Waterville, Maine. At Mid Maine Web we are all about strategies to success. At Mid Maine Web we not only design web sites to your specifications but we will continue to consult with you beyond the development phases to ensure you are getting the most out of your website using our six steps to sucsess.

Step number are your goals, which means defining when we have “succeeded.”

Step number is the design portion, the pretty pretty – the right image evoking stuff.

Number is the content, the meat and the potatoes of the site.

Step number is functionality, does the site do anything and how well does it do it?

Step number is marketing, getting people, the right people, to show up.

And step number is analysis, we provide you with software to handle the tracking of the success of your website in getting you new and repeat visitors.

Mid Maine Web is there to take care of you every step of the way. Don’t let the process of getting a website intimidate you, allow us to help you keep it simple using our easy to use content editor and the six steps to success.

To learn more about how much a website costs just ask for a copy of our website packages before you leave.

Remember, at Mid Maine Web we are able to keep it simple because we are bilinguals; we speak Geek and English too!


Why are we here? To serve your needs in all web design areas. So what we are about is all about you; we are most concerned about your needs as a business - we want your business to grow!

Your business depends on brand awareness and a web site is where it is at!

1) You want a web design service with knowledgeable, friendly and courteous representatives. No semi-trained Geeks - but we know how to talk your language so you will always be in the loop. All technicians are certified or otherwise educated in the field.

2) You want a professional web design company that cares about your business interests more than just selling you a web site. They should learn your business in order to make recommendations that save you money and boost your productivity, not just make a quick sale. Our focus is to provide a website that defines who and what your business is, your philosophy will be clear to your customer and sales will increase!

3) You want web professionals that you can always rely on to manage your business needs on demand. If you want a significant change to your site or to promote products and services using new applications, we can do that! Mid Maine Electronics also offers remote assistance services for instant support to maintain this level of excellence! With your permission, we can assist you with your site live, putting things on high speed just like they should be. We expect our team to always show up for meetings with customers when scheduled, responding quickly, and solving problems the first time.

4) As our customer, you will get that website you want, with amazing applications such as the ability to be checked with mobile devices and even an easy to use editor - we want you, the customer, to have the power over your web site. Do you have a web editor now that charges you every time you want to add one sentence to a your web site? Consider coming to Mid Maine Electronics, our easy to use Content Management System will allow you to edit your page with ease!

We’ve brought together the world’s best team of web design professionals and network security experts from Maine so you can benefit from their combined experiences! We provide advice and problem solving skills abilities beyond that of the average computer geeks, we have to know your industry so it's not all about computers and web design for us, we want to know you!

Imagine tapping into the resources of over 1,000 of the most knowledgeable computer technicians, through one local, friendly face. You can be confident that you are getting the best possible advice tailored specifically to your situation! We are proud to say that our team will always have the answer for you, call or e-mail and you will get your answer. Also remember, when you call us you will get a real person! E-mails are replied to within 24-48 hours.

Being a small business ourselves, Mid Maine Electronics understands the need to have brand awareness and what it is to need to grow a customer base - that is why we turned to the web and so should you! Having a website also offers your customers a 24/7 service which makes things easier for everyone and increases staff productivity. That’s why we’re committed to helping prevent website problems from occurring with our security systems and backups. We get it right in the first place - saving as much time as possible for the customers. When professional web design services are needed, we respond quickly, knowledgeably, and thoroughly - if you don't believe me, just ask some of our happy customers or check out our portfolio page for more information.

Like I said, don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say. Call us today to get the services you deserve.


Jibryne Karter
Mid Maine Electronics, LLC

What are we all about?

Have a webpage now but can't edit it? We can fix that for you! If you want a website that will not just remain static like a sign, call us at Mid Maine Electronics to take care of your needs today! 

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) allows for customers to edit their own website with very little training. If you can use facebook or e-mail you can make your own changes in house - no web design experts needed.

Don't worry though, we understand your time is important and if you don't want to edit your site we also include the option for our team to perform the modifications for you! Have a special change you want made? Just contact us, a representative will respond live and we will arrange for the modifications to be made. We only require that you e-mail us the content you want and it will be posted!

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us - we are glad to help you. Feel free to look at our projects for testimonials and links to our customers pages to learn more about our experience!